5.5-6mm Round Solid gold Engagement Diamond Semi Mount Ring Butterfly White 14K nplxyx276-Jewelry

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5.5-6mm Round Solid gold Engagement Diamond Semi Mount Ring Butterfly White 14K nplxyx276-Jewelry

9 Karat 2 Colour Diamantschliff Tube Kreole Ohrringe Neu
As Air Pollution Increases in Some US Cities, the Trump Administration is Weakening Clean Air Regulations

925 SS & CZ Brilliant Embers Polished Teardrop Dangle Post Earring 12mm x 42mm


Air pollution kills. In the United States, 1 of every 25 deaths occurs prematurely because of exposure to outdoor air pollution. Yet President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are taking unprecedented steps to weaken Clean Air Act regulations.

Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act Moves Up in Congress; New Film Exposes Cruelty and Corruption in Global Trade

925 Sterling silver Kreuz-Charme-Anhnger Halskette (Mit 45 cm Kette)

5.5-6mm Round Solid gold Engagement Diamond Semi Mount Ring Butterfly White 14K nplxyx276-Jewelry

The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act passed the Senate Commerce Committee with a near-unanimous voice vote, and Sharkwater Extinction, a film documenting the illicit shark fin industry, was recently released.

Sea Creatures Store Carbon in the Ocean–Could Protecting Them Help Slow Climate Change? 9 Karat yellowgold 15.5mm' Baum des Lebens' Anhänger Neu

Marine animals can sequester carbon through a range of natural processes that include storing carbon in their bodies, excreting carbon-rich waste products that sink into the deep sea, and fertilizing or protecting marine plants.

What a Real Coal Ash Cleanup Looks Like 9 Karat yellowgold 65 Rund Erbserkette 41cm 16' Neu
925 Sterling silver Collier Echtsilver 46,2cm 15,1g

The toxic mess left behind from burning coal is a growing, nationwide problem. But state governments can be convinced to do the right thing and clean it up.

9 Karat yellowgold Halb Stein Herzanhänger Neu
Breaking: Chilling Video Shows Poachers Slaughtering Hibernating Black Bear Mother, Cubs in Alaska 9 Karat gold 2 Colour

The U.S. government has proposed rolling back existing protections intended to prevent this kind of depraved and sadistic behavior. Unless the proposal is halted, thousands more animals will face the same grim fate.

Beach Cleanup at Kamilo Point, Hawai’i

925 Sterling silver Collier mit Kunstmasse Besatz Echtsilver 9,2g 42,6cm

I am one of the many volunteers that Hawai’i Wildlife Fund (HWF) counts on to help clean up the plastic marine pollution at Kamilo Point. Kamilo, located on the southeastern part on the island of Hawai’i, is in a remote corner of the island located within the Ka’u Forest Reserve in Wai’ohinu, accessible only by 4WD. Kamilo, which literally means “swirling” and “twisting” in Hawaiian, is a natural environment so isolated and beautiful that city people such as myself, standing under our looming skyscrapers with our lattes in hand, can hardly believe it exists.

925 Sterling silver Diamant Kangaroo Anhnger Halskette (Mit 45 cm Kette)
Breaking News: USDA Proposes Rule to Crack Down on Worst Puppy Mills and Roadside Zoos; Require Strengthened Veterinary Care for Dogs 9 Karat gold 22mm Rund Schlicht Kreole Ohrringe Neu

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed a new rule to close a loophole in the law that allows puppy breeders and roadside zoo exhibitors who have lost their licenses to continue doing business.

9 Karat gold 9 Karat 2 Colour
925 Sterling silver Halskette & Anhänger mit Zirkonia & Glas Besatz Auge

Taylor Energy is suing to prevent the federal government from taking any action to contain the company’s 14-year-old oil spill, which dumps thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day.